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Size: 154w

Size: 154w
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The Portal is our all-out powder rocket. Its nose, reminiscent of a snow plough, elevated and oversized for cutting through the white gold like a hot knife through butter.

Its tail, beautifully tapered and akin to that of a swallow, allows the rider to steer this magnificent beast through powder as gracefully as you like.

Also benefitting from a slight re-tune for22/23, those with a keen eye for detail will notice a slightly looser ride for this winter thanks to a reduction in wood in all the right places.

Equipped with our Float set of inserts, when the snow‘s extra deep, set back, relax and enjoy dropping pillows, slashing banks and staying afloat with our supreme flotation device.


Slash Portal Snowboard 2022 2023 Flex


The Backseat CamRock design places rocker in the nose and a slight amount in the tail with positive camber in between. This setback design delivers camber stability and control between the feet and in the tail, with the added float and maneuverability of the rockered nose.

Slash Portal Snowboard 2022 2023 Profile