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Color: Forrest Green

Color: Forrest Green
Forrest Green
Ocean Blue
Earth Red
Space Black
Tortoise Shell
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Fold™ Folding sunglasses can be easily folded and tucked away for ultimate portability, while still maintaining a highly durable frame. With Fold™ Folding sunglasses, you don't have to sacrifice fashion for convenience. Simply wear, fold, unfold and wear again.

Our FOLD eco frames are made from a unique plant-based resin derived from castor plant seeds.
This natural bio-based material offers many desirable attributes, including lightness, flexibility, strength, and durability while being a low environmental impact substitute for standard petroleum-based products.
We have deliberately used this resin to align with our objective to offer products that ensure sustainability and minimise global warming.

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Forrest Green, Ocean Blue, Earth Red, Space Black, Tortoise Shell